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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 22, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ comfort. what we deliver by delivering. >> [cheers and applause]. >> usa, usa, usa! >> good evening. >> tucker: good evening, and welcome. the president just took the stage at a rally in houston, texas, on behalf of senator ted cruz. minutes ago, he was speaking for a high-profile midterm. it he has been neck and neck with robert beto o'rourke. we will continue to listen next. ug>> with all of my friends from the lone star state, a special, special place. thank you very much for being here. this is some record crowd.
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they just told me we broke the record, but we would really break it if we could get all of the people that are outside in here. we would break at about three times. but it's true what they say, everything in texas is just bigger. [cheers and applause] it's bigger. in just 15 days, the people of texas are goingte to reelect a n who has become a really good friend of mine. you know, we had our little difficulties, right? but actually, ifbu you remembern the beginning, it was a lovefes lovefest. they kept saying, the fake news back here -- [boos] >> president trump: remember they kept saying, but one is it
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going to break up? i said don't worry, it will break up. we actually had a rally in washington, d.c., together. and nobody can believe it. they said what are you doing? but we have the rally together, and then we said you know, it's time to break it up. it got nasty. then it ended. nobody has helped me more with your tax cuts, with your regulation. with everything that we are doing, including military, then senator ted cruz. nobody. he defended your jobs. he defended your borders, and we are defending that border, by the way, in case you hadn't noticed. we are defending that>>rs borde. he defends your face. and we are defending together a lot of other great republicans,
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your freedoms. no early voting is now underway. so get out there and vote. it is underway as we speak. if you would like to leave now and go vote, go ahead. get behind about 50,000 people outside. let's wave to them. wave. but i will say, your location is better. and ted is leading the charge in congress. for more tax cuts. in fact, i just left kevin brady. by the way, how great is he? he's here. we are going to be putting in a 10% tax cut for middle-income families. it is going to be put in next week.
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10%. kevin brady is working on it. we have been working on it for a few months. and that is in addition to the big tax cuts that you have already gotten. but this one is for middle income. no businesses. business is now good. the jobs are coming back. the plants and factories are coming back like never before. they are all coming back. this is for middle income people. all middle income people, a big tax cut. we will be putting it in. now the democrats take over, i i can't speak. i'm sorry. instead of a tax cut, you are going to have a big, beautiful tax rates. you don't want that. t you know, explain that to me. it means crime, and for massive tax cuts, they are against
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law enforcement. they are totally against ice, and they are totally against vets. how do you win on that platform? so we have done the biggest regulation cuts in the history of our country, and we have been here for quite a bit less than two years, if you think about it. we have another three months, and we have already done more tax cuts. we have done more regulation cuts than any other president in history and this for years. eight years. and what we're doing, we want people to come into our country. we have a 3.7% unemployment. that is the lowest it has been in more than 50 years. but they have to come inal legally, and they have to come in through merit. through merit.
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that's happening. [cheers and applause] so we started the wall. we have another billion and a third. i want to do it fast. and you know, what's happening right now, a large group of people, they call it "the caravan." [boos] do you know how the caravan started? does everybodyar understand? i think the democrats had something to do with that, and nowhe they are saying i think we made a big mistake. because people are seeing how bad it is, how pathetic it is, how bad our laws are.
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they made a big mistake. so look, that is an assault on our country. that's an assault. and in thatou caravan, you have some very bad people. you have some very bad people. and we can't let that happen to our country. i was just talking to your great governor and senators. we were talking about your attorney general, who i'm going to be introducing in a second. talking to a lot of your peoplet and they are going to form a wall. until we get the other one built, we need a wall built fast. fast. we have to protect our borders.o we don't have borders, we don't have a country. we have to protect our borders. ted, you probably saw, did a beautiful job and staring down an angry left-wing mob in our recent supreme court battle
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victory, whatever you want to call it. [cheers and applause] it was great. and thanks to ted, and our other great republicans -- because we had no help from the other side, as you know. we now have a brand-new member of the united states supreme court, justice brett kavanaugh. [cheers and applause] and also, this is such an honor because you know, you've had many presidents. they never get to put a justice on the supreme court. they've been there for a long time. think of that. the story of our lives. i have been there less than two years, and i have two of them. because we also have a fantastic new justice in neil gorsuch.
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we had him just approved. he was just confirmed. we have a record number of circuit court judges for the time. and that we fully expect to go to the all-time record. and percentagewise, it's right up there, and we've only been here a short time. okay, ready, here's a question. percentagewise, who has more justices, federal justices appointed than any other president? who is it? more -- who appointed the highest percentage of justices? no. no. itry wasn't hillary clinton. no, she didn't make it, no, you know who it is? you will never guess.
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a george washington. and we are after george washington, so no, george washington. why? because he did 100%. nobody is ever going to break the record of george washington. good old george. he never told a lie. that is what they say. george washington, right. he never told a lie. jut he did 100% of the judges. we will never be thought. but we are getting close. what the radical democrats did to justice kavanaugh and his beautiful family is a nationaldi disgrace. they were on a ruthless mission to obstruct, resist, delay, demolish, and to destroy, which is all they know how to do. the fact is they are lousy politicians, they have horrible policy, but they stick together. that is one good thing. they stick together. the only thing they have. they always stick together.
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other than that, it doesn't work out. other than that, they are not doing too well. if you want the fake news media to finally investigate -- [boos] by the way, by the way -- [crowd chanting] [cheers and applause]
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don't worry. i don'trr like them either. okay, but look at this. look. so here we are, we are doing the rally for today, and it's great. we have a lot of people. look how many -- this is like, this is the academy awards, which has actually conned down the tubes. look how many. look how many. look at them. do you recognize many of those happy faces? i know every one of them. i know every one of them, and 15% of them are great. i know everyone.yo if you want the fake news to finally investigate f
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hillary clinton, we will just have -- [cheers and applause] man. i didn't do it. i didn't do it. i didn't do it. so if you want them to investigate, we'll just have to nominate hillary clinton to the united states supreme court. how do you like that? [boos] let's see how she does. if judge kavanaugh had to go through what he went through, and he's a fine man. can you imagine hillary up ther
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there? that would take 3-4 years of questionss.. stake in the selection is tiether we continue the extraordinary prosperity. or whether we let the radical democrat mob take a giant wrecking ball and destroy our country and our economy. [boos] the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest level in more than 50 years. 5-0. here's one that's hard to beat. the number of americanss working at this moment, think of it. working, working, working. the number of americans working has just reached the highest in the history of our country. all-time high.
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we have eliminated a record number of job killing regulations. that is one of the reasons companies are all coming back. the biggest tax cut and reform in history with massive tax cuts. and now we are adding 10% to those numbers. we've saved your family farms, ranches, and small businesses from theus estate tax also known tax.e death sof most of you love your children. some of you don't. but the ones who don't, don't listen to me because this won't matter. if you don't love your children, and if your children didn't treat you good, don't leave them anything. give it to charity or somebody
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else. but for those of you that would really like your small businesses, your farms, you are ranches left to your children, go out when you kick the bucket. and about two or three days later, they are happy as hell. no. go out and borrow a tremendous amount of money to pay the estate tax, they don't have to borrow anything. there is no tax. there is nore tax. so you'll be able -- to me, that's a very important thing. nobody even talks about it. that was a narrow tax cuts. a lot of small businesses, farms, ranches. there will be no tax. so that's great for you too. only if you love them. only if you love them. anybody in here does not love their child?
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anybody? a couple of you. if two people that's not bad. my administration also ended the horrible war on american energy. something you people know a lot about. we withdrew the united states from thed very unfair, one-sidd parents climateon accord. which was putting us out of business. on day one, i approved the keystone and of the access pipeline. 48,000 jobs. day one. think of that. day one. they spent two years and years trying to get these pipelines built. and by the way, we are speeding p the approval process by a
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factor of ten for you are pipelines that you desperately need in texas do you get the oil to its destination. we are speeding it up. i've heard so much. with texas leading the way, think of this. the united states is now -- this happened over the l last very short. period of time, the largest producer of crude oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. thank you. that's big stuff. we are the number one energy producer in the world. who would think that? and we are going to get those pipelines approved very rapidly. i called the heads of the agencies. i said get them approved. and you know what? if there is a problem, we let them know about it immediately. we don't take it 20 down here is the road and then say we can't
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approve them. we let them know immediately. there want to be a problem. for the first time in more than 60 years, america is a net exporter of natural gas. and here's good news for texas. good news for texas. because just today, germany's chancellor, angela merkel, has announced that her country will now purchase massive amounts of lng, which is great news for your state. [cheers and applause] and i told all of the european nations, it's not fair. we have all of these horrible tradee imbalances. under republican leadership, america is winning again. america is respected again because we are putting america
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first. [cheers and applause] we are putting america first. it hasn't happened in a lot of decades. we are putting a them first. we are taking care of ourselves for a change. thank you. i like that guy, but not that much. but radical democrats want to turn back the clock. have the rule of corrupt power hungrily globalist. you know what a globalist is. a globalist is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly, not caring about our country so much. and you know what? we can't have that. you know, they have a word.
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it sort of became old-fashioned. it's called a nationalist. and i say really? we are not supposed to use that. i am a nationalist. i am a nationalist. nationalist. use that word. use that word. [crowd chanting] they reported yesterday that donald trump is very unpopular with foreign nations. he is one of the most unpopular presidents and the history of poland. and i said no. i said of course i'm unpopular with foreign nations because we are not letting them rip us off anymore, folks.
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they meant it to be bad.ea they meant it to be bad. a donald trump, very unpopular with other nations. it and it was 70% against and 30% four. i w said to why would they ever want to vote for them? honestly, we are treating everybody good. we are helping people, we are protecting people. when we protect with our military, the greatest on the world, and now it is a lot better than it has ever been because of what we're doing. we have to be reimbursed for that. we are protecting -- we are subsidizing them. they beat us on trade to take advantage of us. those days are over. the most unpopular presidents. think ofth it. but i am one of the most popular
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presidents in this country. [cheers and applause] in our country. a couple of pull mys came out today that were very good. and they didn't want to put them up. they didn't want to announce them. and they paid for the polls. we have a new one. let me see. let's get to another subject. fake news. the democrats want to replace freedom with socialism. they want to replace texas values with nancy pelosi values. [boos] and they want to replace the rule oful law with the rule of thumb mob. that's what's happening. and to the democrats would rather destroy american communities then defend
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america's borders. we are not going to let it happen. you've got to vote for ted cruz. democrats -- [boos] the democrats are a big risk to the american family. and our country cannot afford to take those kinds of risks. this will be the election of the caravan, brett kavanaugh, law & order, tax cuts, and common sense. that's what it is. common sense. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting] [cheers and applause]
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ted's opponent in this race is a stone cold phony named robert francis o'rourke. sometimes referred to as the beto o'rourke. and he pretends to be a moderate, but he is actually our radical l open borders left-winger. that's what heha is. and i know texas well. don't forget, he tried to convince you onnv election night that texas is in play. remember the lies? lies like it is tonight. i hate to tell you. i think the lines are bigger tonight. you know why? because i produce. i produce. because i produce.
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now, the lies are bigger tonight. and it's easier. two and a half years ago, i have to get up and say we will give you tax cuts, we will cut, but now i have produced, so this is easy. in fact, some of those guys if they don't question it, they will say that i produce more than i promised, which is true. which is true, actually. but o'rourke voted against your tax cuts. and he once against texas oil workers with the job killing regulations that were really, really hurting those jobs and those companies. o'rourke supports a socialist takeover of health care. you are going to triple your taxes, and it won't be enough. and it will be lousy
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health care. you'll end up waiting for five weeks to see a doctor. and i heard ted say just before i went on, but to me, this is a beauty. i don't know if anybody that has heard this reading. he got an f from the nra. one of the few. you know what nf means. that means that he wants to take away your guns. okay, i've never even heard of an f. i've never heard of it. louis, did you ever hear of nf? do we love louis? do we love him? look at him. louis. [cheers and applause] i don't know what lou is ridding us, but i would assume it's about an a+, right? a+. i love people that have guts. he has got. they defend you. and they defend your second amendment. if ted doesn't win it, your
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second amendment is going to be in trouble. big trouble. remember that. o'rourke voted against the border wall. that's a good thing, he voted for obama amnesty. amnesty. obama amnesty. o'rourke even voted to shield ms-13 gang members from deportation. he says they are people. they are people. they carve you up with a knife, but they are people. o'rourke voted in favor of sanctuary cities that result in the deaths of countless americans. today's democrat party would rather protect criminal aliens than american citizens, which is why the democrats must be voted out of office. we need more. republicans. [cheers and applause]
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of vote for a democrat this november is a vote to surrender congress to nancy pelosi. crying chuck schumer. the great maxine waters. that's a beauty. maxine waters. you get that one? you got that? she's going to be in charge of your finances. [boos] good old maxine. low iq individual. low iq. how about this one? senator dianne feinstein. [boos] the mayor who did one of the worst trouble of any mayor, other than the guy running for governor in florida. he was a horrible mayor too.
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cory booker. he destroyed. he was so bad. and a sad thing happened last week. because elizabeth warren was exposed as being a total fraud, and i can no longer call her pocahontas because she has no indian blood. [cheers and applause] i can't call her pocahontas. she doesn't qualify. she has a -- i have been saying it for a long time. i've been saying it for a year and a half. i said i have more indian blood than she has, and i have none. i have none. but i can't use the name pocahontas anymore.'t but if you don't mind, i will
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anyway. is that okay? we've got to keep her down. but in the selection, the people of texas are going to make a giant and beautiful stand. [cheers and applause] you're going to elect a republican house, and even they are having a little problem. they are getting a little nervous. remember about a month ago, right, they were talking about this blue wave. oh. you don'tut hear about the blue wave. you are not hearing so much. the blue wave is being dissipated a little bit. i don't hear that. are you guys still talking about the blue wave? [boos] the blue wave, that's coming. you don't hear about it too much. let me tell you, you have to get out and vote. because you know what happens? the party that has the
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presidency -- i don't know why. i guess you get a little something. who knows? you lose something. i don't know. but to time since the great depression, it was a positive. but nobody ever had the condition of having produced the greatest economy in the history of our country. nobody. so i don't understand why would we lose the house? i but historically -- so history us, but the facts are all with us. so we have to go out and vote. early voting,i remember. we are going to do fantastic with the senate so that we can keep making america great again. [cheers and applause] and you know, we are going to be changing. i love that slogan. okay, let me ask your advice. texas, you are smart. you're tough.
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"make america great again" has to be the greatest slogan in the history of [ politics. make america great again. what did she have, some stupid slogan like stay together? or was it like stay with me? and then i got up and i said see, that's all she can talk about is herself. so they paid $1 million for that slogan, and she changed it because it was a disaster. me. with they didn't do that. they decided not to. make america great again, but now, we are doing good. we have created $11.7 trillion, andd remember, we are hitting china hard. we are hitting everybody hard. so we are doing this. when they all kick in, we will see numbers like you won't
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believe. 11.7 trillion. other countries. we have never seen this before with china. remember? it was always china is doing so great. i said what about us? well, we are down. we are not down anymore, folks. we are way up. way up. [cheers and applause] way up. [crowd chanting: usa] and by theto way, i want china o do well, but they were down 32% over the last six months, and we went way up. g and since our election, we have gone up almost 50%. think of it. $11.7 trillion. china has lost about 20 trillion. we want them to be happy, we want them to do well, but they have to treat us fairly. they haven't treated us fairly. and they will. they have a wonderful, great
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leader.. president xi, and they will. the choice in november could not be more clear. democrats produce mobs. republicans producebl jobs. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting: trump] thank you. thank you, everybody, . it's a great state. these are great people. and it did we ever help you? did we help you with a lousy hurricane that you suffered? that was brutal. i never saw anything like that. it kept coming. it was taunting us.
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have you ever been taunted? it was taunting. it would come in, you would say oh, great. it reloads. then it goes out. then it comes three times. and i'm paying for that. i'm saying is this thing ever going to stop? does this thing go away. that was a brutal hurricane. and you know who was fantastic? the united states coast guard. [cheers and applause] you know, that was a very big deal. there was a lot of water. i don't know who in this room did it, but these guys with the little boats. okay. where do these people come from? they want to go out, and they want to go into the hurricane to show their -- how great they are, and they say oh, my god, i'm dead. i asked one of the coast guard guys, -- by the way, the
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coast guard, hard to believe. in texas, more than any other place -- florida had a bad one, but it wasn't the same kind. in texas, the united states coast guard saved 16,000 lives. think of what that is. [cheers and applause] think of what that is. and i said to a couple of the top guys -- these are great people. let me ask you a question, what happens? he said they want to go out, play at the edge. but there was no edge to this big monster. but it gobbled them up. how big is something like that? you have great equipment. we have the best boats in the world, but we hit that thing wrong, we don't have a chance. these are great both. we go down just like everybody else. and they would ride the crest. they back up, they let it go by they come in, save a lot of people. go back out. the coast guard, their brand has
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appreciated more than any other in this country. the united states coast guard. we have to say had. they did a great job. next time while you guys and gals, when there is a hurricanew do me a favor. don't take your boat out. just get out of town for a little while. that was a brutal time. but you did it incredibly. fema was great. law enforcement was great. first responders were great. the military. about the coast guard represented the military. incredible. so we are honored to be joined this evening by many great republican leaders. here tonight is a man who is incredible. he is a man with tremendous taste. t he asked me for more money than any human being has ever. i've got to tell you. his name happens to be governor greg abbott.
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[cheers and applause] where isis he? where is he? he's the greatest guy. where is he? i think i he is here. there's a lot of people in this room. but you know, greg, i just took pictures with him backstage. do we like him more than trump? yes, right? oh, yes. i like him more. but she called me up with. we had just given billions and billions of dollars to the state of texas. he says mr. president, could i ask you one small question. what? he said sir, we'd like to build dam. it's not very much money, but it would really help us. you know where he is talking
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about, right? and he said it was just a small favor, but if i could, i would like to ask you for that money. greg, how much is it? i said how much is it? sir, it's only $10 billion. listen to this. it's only 10 billion with a b. i said greg, that's the most expensive dam i've ever heard of. but i tell you, he loves texas. he loves texas. he loves the people of texas. and he's a great man. auntie did a fantastic job under a lot of pressure. that hurricane was pressure. and you got all as and a+'s, everybody. fema, the governor. and the lieutenant governor, dan patrick. dan.
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[cheers and applause] finally, i seeth them. it's hard when you have 22,000 people in a room, it is hard to find one person. it is hard to find one person, even when he is tall. and another tall guy who is an incredible senator, he represents you so well. he is always fighting for you. and he was the one that has to dianne feinstein did you leak? remember? and she wants to know. so she was the one. he looks over to her. remember, during the hearings, the horrible hearings where they were so nasty and horrible to look for a gentleman who is going to go down as one of our greatest supreme court justices. he goes out and he goes, he's on the committee, and he goes did you leak?
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no, no. wait a minute, let me check. did we leak? no, we didn't leak. oh. no. that was the worst body languag language. she was so guilty of leaking. she leaked. john cornyn was great. he was great during the hearings. stand up, john. you know, it was a surprise. he surprised her, right. she didn't know what the hell happened, john. you surprised her with that beautiful texas accent. always a great job. and you have an attorney general who doesn't stop. he's tough, he's smart, he collects more money for the
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state. he loves the state. ken paxton. thank you, ken. great job. doing a great job, ken. we are working closely with your state leaders in the recovery effort. following the devastation of harvey, we continue to work so quickly. in this case, went very fast. and we are never going to rest until that hurricane is totally out of our site, our vision. everything is fixed, and it is very close to being finalized, but we will never rest until every last bracket, every last piece of asphalt and concrete, everything is perfecto. right? and if we did rest, ted cruz and a john cornyn and can paxton and dan -- i love dan.
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what a great guy. they will not let me rest. they will never let me rest. we stand ready to help texas respond to the storms that are continuing to cause flooding throughout the region. and we are doing things to alleviate some of those storms. i don't know that we are going to do the one that the governor asked for, but that could be. i said would you name it the trump dam, please. a name the trump dam. it's beautiful, bigot, and expensive. i did not ask for that. tomorrow, it would be headlines. "it trump demands name on the dam." i also want to recognize you on your outstanding republican congressmen, including chairman kevin brady. what an guy. what a guy.
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we talk about help with taxes. so kevin we are putting in next week, the 10% reduction in middle income. in next week. he promised in front of 22,000 people. i don't need that. he promised. thank you, kevin. great job. great man. congressmanl bill flores. thank you. good job. congressman john connor. get out and vote for bill and john. a friend of mine, you don't have to vote for him, actually. because he so far ahead. i'm sure he loves me saying this. you don't have to vote for him. all of these other guys, you've got to vote for him. butem you don't have to vote for this guy. he is leading by like 60 points. but you know it? do me a favor because i don't
9:46 pm
want to have a depressed man on my shoulders. go out and vote for him anyway because he is outstanding. he's a winner. louie gohmert. [cheers and applause] go out there and vote. another congressman who's been so helpful. ted. thank you. congressman pete olson, thank you, p. great job.
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congressman randy weber. thank you. great job, randy. thank you, randy. you've got great people in the state, by the way. these are greatt people. congressman brian bevan. congressman john, he is a great guy. great guy. get out and vote for john. he's got the lot of money pouring it against him. go out and vote for john. get out and vote for pete sessions. pete sessions is a fantastic congressman. they are pouring money in that race. still leading. john is leading. get out and vote. louis, don't worry. john, you have to. jody. jody has done a great job.
9:48 pm
and congressman michael cloud. greate] job. great job. these are great people. people who love taxes. if you don't want to be saying the words "speaker nancy pelosi nancy pelosi," for the next two years, then you need to go out and vote for these tremendous republican lawmakers. thank you, . thank you. this is about protecting the sacred values we all share. and of the values that texas republicans are fighting for each and every day. we believe in the right to free speech. the right to religious liberty, and we believe in the right to keep and bear arms.
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we believe in law & order, and we cherish the incredible men and women of law enforcement. we believe that judges should always interpret the constitution as written. we believe that schools should teach our children to be proud. of their country, and to respect our great american flag. [cheers and applause] we kneel in prayer, and we probably stand for our national anthem and our american flag. [cheers and applause] we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy are the true center of american
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life. so true. and above all else, we know this. in americaca we don't worship governments. we worship god. [cheers and applause] these are what unites people all across texas. you can send a message to the radical democrats, don't mess with texas. vote for ted cruz, and vote republican. the future under democratic mob rule would be a total catastrophe. democrats in congress have already signed up for a socialist to take health and would eliminate the private insurance of more than 15 million texans.
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they would destroy medicare and terminate medicare for 1.4 million texas seniors who depend on it. republicans want to protect medicare for our great seniors who have earned it, and to have paid for it for a long time. and republicans will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. wewe protect you. pre-existing conditions, right? the democrats plan to destroy american health care includes free health care and education to illegal aliens, paid for by you. thank you very much. the american taxpayer. and they absolutely demand. if theyy want to demanded to go.
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they want to be able to vote. they want to be able to oh, don't worry about it. they want to be able to vote. the illegals. hey, by the way, i hate to tell you, they vote anyway. they are not supposed s to. and every time i say it, the fake news says oh, they've got so many people voting illegally in this country, it's a disgrace. it's a disgrace. voter i.d., folks. i.d. you've got to put your voter i.d. you do it on everything. the only thing you don't have to do it is for when you'd are voting. it is not going to be that way. republicans believe we should protect public benefits for truly needy americans, not for illegal aliens. as we speak, the democratic party is openly
9:53 pm
encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders, and overwhelm our nation. that is what'sla happening. the democrats have launched an assault on the sovereignty of our s country. the security of our nation, and the safety of every single american. the crisis on our border, right now, as we speak, is the sole results of democrat laws and activists. it democrat judges that prevent us from returning illegal aliens from central america and all over the world. it's called "catch and release." you know what catch and release is. you've got thesese great people from border patrol. these are great people. i.c.e. border patrol. these are incredible people. tough job. they catch them. and then they release them.
9:54 pm
and they say you have to come back for court. they touch our land, you have to come back in two years for court case. well, number one, they never come back. 3%. and i don't believe the three. we release them into our country because that's what the democrats want.ot and then a lot of bad things happen when that happens. the democrats don't care what their extremist immigration agenda will do to your neighborhoods, to your hospitals. to your schools. they don't care that the mass olympic go immigrations will toy because all the democrats care about is regaining power, no matter how they have to go about doing it. although witch hunts, no matter what they do, they just want to gain power. but we are not going to let them gain power. and that's why the democrats
9:55 pm
will also afford to catch and release. that's whyle they support visa lottery. you know what visa lottery is? countries put names in a batch, and you pick them. you pick them. you keep picking them, and then you've got nothing but problems because you think those countries are putting in their finest? i don't think so. a great way to dispose of their problems. visa lottery. and then you have chain migration. a guy comes in as an example. west side highway of manhattan. that's where i am. beautiful park. beautiful highway. this animal is driving a car down, and he decides he is going to make a right, right into the park where everyone is working out, exercising. and he knocks everything down, including kills eight people and badly ones -- do you ever noticed, they never talk about the people that are wounded,
9:56 pm
they lose their arms and their legs and their last can never be the same. they never talk -- they say eight people died. they don't talk about the 12 people that lost something so important. these are people that are in a park where they go to exercise so they can be in perfect shape. they go home months later without their legs, without their arms. because this animal going out a very fast speed of just decided he's going to make a right into the park and run people over. so hen has 22 people that came in. so he's here. chain migration. a nice name. chain migration. he's here. his mother comes with him, his father then comes. his uncle, his aunt, his brother. hise, nephews. his sister. 22 people. nono jobs, just 22 people.
9:57 pm
no more chain migration. no more chain migration. [cheers and applause] that's why the democrats want to give illegal aliens free welfare and the right to vote. that's why democrats want to abolish i.c.e. the casualties of the democrats open voter crusade -- and you are going to see it over the next few weeks. i am stuck with it. i want to change it, but we have a tiny, tiny majority. i need the votes. we don't have enough both. as an example, with the senate, we need 60 votes, but we have 51. we have a tiny majority. we need 60 votes. so they don't allow us to do it. they are killing us. and hurting innocent americans. democrats immigrationon policies allow poisonous drugs and ms-13 to pour into our country.
9:58 pm
and the democrats sanctuary cities release violent criminals from jail and straight into your neighborhoods. republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans, not for criminal aliens. common sense. common sense. the republican party will always stand proudly with the heroes among us. these are tough people, by the way. great americans. they call them nests. ms-13. killers. they don't like using guns because it's too quick. they like cutting people up, slicing them. killing them, like they did to o beautiful lovely young girls going home from school. killing them. slicing them. theyem didn't want the guns. these are evil people. yeah. that's right. yeah. that's right.
9:59 pm
he said it. that's right. they are animals. they are animals. so you know, when i see it in long island, i grew up near long island. i know every town out there. these are great towns. for some reason, a lot of the ms-13 went out to long island. and i've been hearing from friends of mine, and we sent i.c.e. n. and it's like you liberated them. it's like a war. you liberate the town. and of those people are clapping andre screaming, and these guys walk right into those nests. they are tougher and smarter. then ms-13, and ms-13 respects them because none of you guys want that job. i don't want that job. maybe louie gohmert will take it. i don't know. but i don't want that job. i don't want that job. but no seriously, they are heroes. they throw them into the paddy wagon and then get them the hell
10:00 pm
out of our country. they came in through the wonderful obama administration. we removed thousands and thousands of these people. and the towns are liberated. and you see the people, they are clapping from their windows. it's like a war zone. these are great towns, great places. but we have to cherish them. >> welcome to "hannity" ." rallying with ted cruz in houston, texas, . >> president trump: even the democrats are saying it. i got a call today. i said you know, we really do need it? we've got to have a wall. if you want to secure our borders, stop catch and release. go out and vote republican. do it now or do it on november november 6.


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